12 Member House Rules


Monday – Thursday 5PM- until, last guest permitted at 10PM.
Friday – Saturday 5PM- until, last guest permitted at 11PM.
*Sunday is reserved for private events held by Members and Slater Hospitality Events.


Members are encouraged to bring guests with them. Any member may invite up to three guests to accompany them at one time. If a member wishes to bring more than three guests, the member will need to contact Member Services to verify that space will be available on the requested evening, and a reservation will be required. Member must be present and on premises along with their guests during the entire visit. Please make sure any guests are aware of all Club Rules and Regulations, as the Member will be held responsible for their guests.


Please log in to our Members Only site to make reservations. Because space is limited, contact Member Services via email for parties of 8 or more.


Members and their guests should always abide by the dress code, which is smart, casual attire or higher (business casual, professional, formal, etc.). The club defines smart casual attire as neat and presentable collared shirts, casual pants, knee length shorts, and shoes for men. T-shirts, tank tops, sweat suits, jogging suits, Lycra, spandex, workout attire, baseball caps, flip flops, and similar apparel are not permitted.


Persons under the age of 21 will not be permitted in the Club.


Boisterous or indecent conduct will not be tolerated. Members are encouraged to report such conduct to Management. Members must comply with the Code of Conduct of The Roof and Ponce City Market.

Management reserves the right to remove any member not in compliance with these Rules and Regulations. If a Member or Guest is removed two times in one month, Member may be banned. Membership will be revoked for non-compliance, with no return of dues.


Business-related documentation should be handled and displayed discreetly. Quiet discussions and the use of papers and laptop devises (with sound muted) by groups of no more than three are permitted in the Club. Cell phones may only be used in a manner that does not disturb other members or their guests. Texting by cellphone is permitted with sound muted. At management’s discretion, the above may be terminated if other members report such activities as disruptive. The display of merchandise or business products and solicitation of said products or services by members to other members and/or guests is not permitted. The Club’s name, street address, email address, and/or telephone number are not permitted for use as contact information on Member’s personal or business-related correspondence or other materials.


We make every effort to protect the privacy of our Members. A strict no photography policy exists to protect Members and their guests. Any member, guest, or visitor violating this policy may be removed. Membership may be revoked for violation oft this policy. Cameras and recording devices are not permitted in the club.


Reservations will be required for member events. Please respect the RSVP dates, as the events will have limited capacity.


No outside food is permitted into the Club. Members are permitted to bring wine into the Club and will pay corkage fee for pouring. Bottles are limited to two per visit. Members must present the bottle(s) to the bartender upon arrival to be labeled.


Initiation Fee and Annual Dues are due the first year of membership. Every subsequent year, member will pay Annual Dues. On year two and beyond, Member agrees to minimum spend within the Club of $2500. The minimum spend will be assessed quarterly. At the end of each quarter, Member will receive their statement. If minimum spend was not met, a charge will be applied to reach the minimum quarterly spend.


  • This is a non-smoking club, which includes all smoking devices.

  • Payment and membership options were determined on the Membership Application. If anything has changed, Member must contact Member Services and allow 30 days for the change to take effect.

  • No gambling is allowed on Club property, or at Club events.

  • No prostitution, or illegal solicitation for sexual activity is allowed, or will be tolerated. If you are approached for such illegal activity, you will notify club management immediately, and the offending parties membership will be immediately terminated.

  • No membership contact information may be shared with others without the written consent of the Member(s).

  • Damage to Club furniture and fixtures as a result of a Member’s carelessness or disregard shall be replaced or repaired at Member’s expense. Members are encouraged to report such damage to Management.

  • The Club is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen property. Members are responsible for securing and maintaining their valuables.

  • No weapons of any kind allowed in the Club on Ponce City Market property.

  • Management reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to alter, amend, rescind, and add to these Rules and Regulations. Membership shall be notified of such changes.

  • The Member shall hold the Club harmless form any and all liability shall the Member’s actions lead to some criminal or other legal liability.

  • Not all members are invited to all activities; The Club reserves the right to have private parties and will determine the guest list based on the activity.

  • If legal action must be taken by the Club against any member, and the Member is found to be liable, then the Member shall be liable for any damages assessed by the courts as well as any and all reasonable attorney’s fees.